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BoxHead 2

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[Total: 56    Average: 4.2/5]
BoxHead 2 delves ever deeper into the genre of pistol-packing action with all the blind fury of a lone warrior on a mission. The game encompasses easy-to-play animation sequences replete with multiple gaming levels. By making use of the “Arrow Keys” and the “Space Bar”, the combat veteran flits in between flammable petroleum barrels and ammunition stockpiles. The explosive game is delivered by Macromedia Flash Gaming Technology, an instant-play gaming solution to top-tier entertainment. BoxHead 2 is a Sean Cooper game and what makes it especially compelling are the resounding booms and special effects integrated into the gameplay.
After selecting from a 4-option menu (Single Player Gaming, Co Operative, Death Match and Instructions) players are able to quickly immerse themselves in the gaming fold. The instructions are fully comprehensive. It's kill or be killed in a swansong action powder keg of note. Collect as many hi-tech weapons as possible, power up along the way and keep that multiplier ticking over. Naturally the more points players rack up, the faster their weapons are upgraded. Every kill shot recorded will increase the multiplier by 1. In the game BoxHead 2 there are multiple gaming characters including Bambo (A Jungle Warfare Expert), Bon (US Swat Team Professional), Bind (In The Secret Service Employ Of Her Majesty, Queen of England) and Bert (Ex Marine and Sergeant For Hire).

These characters help to clear out zombies and devils from the rooms. They're sharpshooters packing some of the finest high-powered weapons on the market. From high-caliber pistols to Uzi machine guns and other heavy artillery - these dudes mean business. And when it comes to dealing with Zombies, be cautioned. Their strength lies in their numbers. They're none-too-bright and if they encircle you, it could erupt in a massive firefight. It's really the devil that needs to be taken care of though. The main red zombie shoots fireballs and he is substantially more resistant to gunfire. But remember that you are stronger and nothing is impossible in game BoxHead 2, a continuous pelting with rapid Uzi gunfire should send him packing. This top flash game delivers 10 out of 10 so everybody are able to try this pastime.